Course Catalog

Current Courses

Arriving in Summer 2018:

  • 301: Reality & Documentary Filmmaking
  • 501: Advanced Short Film Production
  • 601: The Feature Film Process

Free Courses: The core curriculum in the majority of our courses is free. You can go through a course at your pace and take advantage of all of its benefits at no cost if the course is labled as "free." However, if you would like your work reviewed and evaluated by an instructor for certification, then there is a fee to do so.

What does it mean to have a Certificate of Completion Certified by the Aloha Film School? It means we will be putting our 5-star Seal of Approval, acknowledging that you have mastery over the skills outlined in the course. Certifications can be framed and put in offices and/or used on resumes.  You can also receive a subject-based "Certificate of Expertise" by completing multiple courses in a specific subject area.

Keystone Courses: These are courses (such as Wedding and Event Video Production) that have a fee to enroll. These are more in-depth courses that aim to teach and give the students real world, job ready skills.

About our Courses

We have completely re-vamped our curriculum with more courses on the way!

The Aloha Film School offers a variety of courses. Courses are designed with multiple levels and multiple purposes.

What are the classes like at the Aloha Film School? At its core, you can take a course designed for self-study that can be finished in four segments completed in 4-days! While the courses are designed to be completed in 4-Days, you have complete access for 90 days to complete your course!

Looking for more? You can option to take any course with instructor guided activities, assignment completion, and certification.  At the completion of any single instructor-guided course, you receive a "Certificate of Completion" from the Aloha Film School.  If you take and complete six or more courses, you will receive a "Film & Media Certification of Excellence"  from Koa Aloha Media.


Courses in Development

Below are just some of our courses currently in development and expected to be arriving around August 2018.

  • 301: Reality & Documentary Filmmaking
  • 403: Makeup & Effects for the Indie Filmmaker
  • 404: Stunts & Action for the Indie Filmmaker
  • 501: Advanced Short Film Production
  • 601: The Feature Film Process
  • 141: Intro to Video Production
  • 241: Video Editing and Product Delivery
  • 341: Live Streaming (emphasis in Event Production)
  • 442: Infomercials, Interviews, and Corporate Videos
  • 251: Advanced Photography
  • 351: Photo Editing and Delivery
  • 451: Wedding Photography


Fees, Hours & Refunds

Fees, Hours & Refunds

Fees: Most classes are free and the "Course Certifications" are $49. We have a few other courses such as the "Wedding and Event Video Production" course that cost a bit more as they are considerably more in-depth and all encompassing.

Hours: Typically, courses are designed to have at least 20 hours of class contact hours. This means if you work through the process as presented, it can be completed in 4 days, 5 hours a day. Of course, experiences may vary. Classes are available for 90 days after purchase.

Refunds: Fees are not refundable. There is plenty of opportunity to take free courses to see if our approach is right for you.

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