Sony A7RII Unboxing

The Sony A7RII (the A7RMII / Mark II) was recently released. It was on back order almost immediately. Toward the end of March, we got our hands on one, did an unboxing and took some sample footage and shots. Here is the result. The video was shot with the Sony AX100 in 4K and edited … Read more

Life in 4K Cinema

In this video we tested out a number of different 4K cameras including the Panasonic Lumix GH4, the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, the Sony FDR-AX33 and the Sony Action Cam FDR-X1000V. Enjoy!

The Sony A7RII

The Sony A7RII Changes the Mirrorless Photography Landscape (Tech Review)   Sony introduces a game changer with its latest mirrorless monster (A7RII, A7RMII, A7R II)   By Brian Barsuglia This is a very biased review as I am a convert — a Sony believer. I now own and use this camera regularly.  The A7RII is a … Read more

Canon CT-V1 Remote and the HF-R50

In studio checking out the Canon CT-V1 Remote with a Canon Vixia HF-R50 for pan and zoom control. Unit needs manual tilt control but otherwise works with a smartphone (any newer iPhone or Android) or tablet (tested with an iPad). Works with Canon Vixia cameras with Wi-Fi remote capabilities. Works great with R50, R52, R500, … Read more

Phantom 3 Standard

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone (Tech Review) DJI’s latest entry offers quality, precision and ease of use By Brian Barsuglia It’s a drone eat drone world out there. This is an industry that has been soaring and has quickly risen to unbelievable heights (ok, that’s it for the puns). But really, the drone technology has come of … Read more

Panasonic FZ1000

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Offers Quality Photography and 4K Video  (Tech Review) A massive achievement at a reasonable price in a small package By Brian Barsuglia The Panasonic Lumix Fz1000 has helped launched a revolution. Now, more than a year old, this camera still offers the best bang for the buck. So far, it’s only real competition is the … Read more

Sony A6000 Neewer Battery Grip

This video ended up being much longer then planned as we ran into a variety of problems with the device, including the “incompatible battery” issue that many have been having with the Neewer Vertical Battery Grip. In this video we unbox, test and review the product, while identifying a few major problems and somewhat (sort … Read more

Panasonic Lumix GH4 Unboxing

A revolutionary camera in filmmaking and a solid performer as a still camera. The GH4 is a micro-four thirds system camera that shoots in true, professional 4K and offers some very nice photography features as well.