Aloha Film School Welcomes You!

Choose your media! Whether your interest is film, photography, video, social media, screenwriting or something else entirely, we have a course for you.

Each course is designed with a 4-day philosophy (24 contact hours) for the core materials, but with a semester's worth of expanded curriculum at your finger tips. Our curriculum is meant to be hands-on and practical, while equaling the challenges of any traditional college course. And the best news, most classes are FREE!


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Welcome to the Aloha Film School!

Whether you are just starting out or looking to refine your skills, we aim to give you the experience you need to understand what it takes to work in the entertainment industry and by providing practical experience while building your resume.

Let us help you Master your trade! The courses are designed to give you practical experience. You can achieve certification in as little as 4 days!

Career Oriented Courses

Intro to FilmmakingWork Experience in 4-Days!

We have a variety of career oriented courses including our wedding videography and photography courses, filmmaking, screenwriting and a range of video production courses.

Each designed with the goal of giving you practical, real-world implementation.

A student can push through a course in as quickly as 4-days or take the full 90 days to complete a course.


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Achieve Certification

At the completion of any of our courses you can complete the optional certification. What does this mean? It means your work will be fully evaluated and reviewed by one of our instructors to insure you have achieved mastery of the content offered. You can achieve a single course "Certificate of Completion" or a "Certificate of Expertise" for taking multiple classes in the same subject area.

Upon completion of the course and the certification process, you will be able to print a certificate showing this achievement. Additionally, you can add your qualifications to your resume!


  • The buyer's guide directs students and potential buyers toward equipment that is practical across a variety of price ranges and fits the philosophy of our curriculum.